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Bachelors's in Computer
Application (BCA)

Specialization in CyberSecurity

Programming Language

Overview (BCA CyberSecurity Course )

In the world of Information Technology, cyber-attacks are rising day by day. Therefore, computer science has established a new set of modules for a sub-stream course.

BCA Cyber Security and Analytics is a three-year course that studies protocols, tools, and software on Cyber Security and Data Analytics. Students enrolling for the period also learn skills and knowledge to defend against cyber-attacks from networks, data, and computer operating systems.

Data Analytics subject deals with analyzing data and examining available information to form conclusions based on specialized systems and software. Big industries use data analytics for commercial operations as this helps to create business-based decisions and reports on scientific research and data.

In India, the Cyber Security course has several other specializations. Candidates can choose depending on their aptitude in computer science.


Fundamentals of Computer ( Python Programming )

Basic Computer Operations

Basics of Networking

Understanding of Operating System

System architecture

Design Systems"


Operating Systems

Database Management Systems

Object-Oriented Programming

Web Technologies

Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities


Computer Networks

System Analysis and Design

Information Security Management

Cryptography and Network Security

Programming with Python"


Mobile Application Development

Cloud Computing

Data Analytics and Visualization

Ethical Hacking

Web Application Security


Cyber Forensics and Incident Response

Wireless and Mobile Security

Network Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Law and Ethics

Project Management


IoT Security

Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Cyber Security Audit and Compliance Major Project

BCA Course Benefits

BCA courses focus on the study of Computers & IT for three years which helps to gain skills and knowledge and make a career in Computer & IT-related fields.

BCA course offers multiple job opportunities in the field of IT and computers.

BCA course graduates get opportunities from both the public and private sectors.

BCA is mostly a software-oriented course, with no or little stress on the hardware. Thus it demands no physical effort and allows you to have a stress-free work environment.

BCA course is offered in various specializations such as BCA Computer Science. BCA Data Science, etc for the students.

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