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Bachelors's in Computer
Application (BCA)

Specialization in Data Analysis

Programming Language


Explore the 3-year undergraduate course, Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), delving into computer applications and information technology subjects such as C++, JAVA, Networking, Data Structures, Statistics, Numerical Techniques, and Algorithm Design. This program ensures alignment with BTech/BE courses in computer application and IT areas.

Discover the comprehensive syllabus of data analytics and Bachelor's degree in data science within BCA, equipping students with a deep understanding of programming languages and preparing them for a thriving professional life in Information Technology. Uncover the essentials of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), SAS (Statistical Analysis Software), and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) in the expansive realm of BCA.


Introduction to Computer Science

Mathematics for Computing

Programming Fundamentals

Statistics for Data Science

Data Structures and Algorithms


Operating Systems

Database Management Systems

Object-Oriented Programming

Web Technologies

Data Analysis and Visualization


Machine Learning Fundamentals

Big Data Technologies

Data Mining and Warehousing

Business Analytics

Programming with Python

Fourth Semester

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Cloud Computing

Natural Language Processing

Time Series Analysis

Data Science Project Management


Recommender Systems

Data Ethics and Privacy

Data Science for IoT

Social Media Analytics

Data Science Capstone Project


Data Science for Finance

Data Science for Healthcare

Data Science for Marketing

Data Science for E-commerce

Advanced Data Science Techniques

BCA Course Benefits

BCA courses focus on the study of Computers & IT for three years which helps to gain skills and knowledge and make a career in Computer & IT-related fields.

BCA course offers multiple job opportunities in the field of IT and computers.

BCA course graduates get opportunities from both the public and private sectors.

BCA is mostly a software-oriented course, with no or little stress on the hardware. Thus it demands no physical effort and allows you to have a stress-free work environment.

BCA course is offered in various specializations such as BCA Computer Science. BCA Data Science, etc for the students.

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