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Overview (BCA Network Engineering Course )

Bachelor of Computer Applications Network and Server Administration is a three-year undergraduate program over six semesters. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between IT industries and academic institutions by incorporating the latest network technologies in the curriculum and giving a complete understanding to the students within a structured framework. The curriculum supports students to acquire a theoretical foundation and adequate programming, networking and server configuration, and administration practices and also includes interdisciplinary courses and electives to widen domain expertise. The state-of-the-art infrastructure provides an excellent learning environment to enhance students' knowledge.

Through this course, you will have a strong foundation in computer science fundamentals and applications, networking, and server administration for employment and further study post-graduation. The BCA Networking course offered by TIPS -G will further empower the students with competencies in creative thinking and problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and managerial skills. Facilitate a holistic understanding of technological developments with legal and ethical issues. Equip students with professional solutions to networking and client-server environment problems.

First Semester

Fundamentals of IT Programming

Understanding PC and

Introduction to C,C++, HTML, DHTML

Graphics Designing

Second Semester

Web Designing

Data Structures and Algorithms

Object Oriented Programming usinng C++, Java

UI/UX Research and Designing

Third Semester

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Web Development

Application Development

Python Programming


Fourth Semester

Full Stack MERN Developer

Full Stack Android Developer

Introduction to C,C++, HTML, DHTML

Machine Learning & AI and Internet Of Things (IOT)

Game Development

Cyber Security expert

Cloud Administrator/ DevOps

BCA Course Benefits

BCA courses focus on the study of Computers & IT for three years which helps to gain skills and knowledge and make a career in Computer & IT-related fields.

BCA course offers multiple job opportunities in the field of IT and computers.

BCA course graduates get opportunities from both the public and private sectors.

BCA is mostly a software-oriented course, with no or little stress on the hardware. Thus it demands no physical effort and allows you to have a stress-free work environment.

BCA course is offered in various specializations such as BCA Computer Science. BCA Data Science, etc for the students.

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