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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Specialization in Consultancy Management

Business Management and Entrepreneurial


One can do MBA in Consultancy Management to become a successful management consultant with world-class companies. Many popular colleges in India offer two-year MBA degree courses. The program covers strategy, structure, management, and operations to make the candidate proficient in understanding an organization's business.

India has seen growth in the servicing sector. Hence, many organizations in the country provide consultancy services in various business areas such as HR, Marketing, Finance, IT, and others. Consulting is a lucrative career option and allows candidates to broaden their professional experience. Consulting as a personal development career has the best advantage as you can work with multinational clients and focus on their issues.

Those interested in consulting often ask, "What is an MBA in Management Consultancy?" This degree will prepare graduates to provide marketing support to businesses and give insight into a company's strengths and weaknesses. Students who pursue a consulting program will take various courses, including accounting and managerial finance, operations management, research methods, and strategic management.

Consulting is a highly competitive field. In addition to preparing graduates for a successful career in this industry, an MBA in Management Consultancy also helps those involved in their field stand out against their competitors.

Many who ask, "What is an MBA in Management Consultancy?" may also wonder about the cost of obtaining this degree. Prospective students should be aware that the prices of these programs vary by institution, the program's length, and the courses offered. Due to this, individuals should carefully analyze the components of each program they are interested in.

Students who pursue a Master of Business Administration with a focus on consultancy can expect to find numerous opportunities in the consulting field. Potential careers for graduates include operations consulting, marketing and sales consulting, real estate consulting, technology consulting, human resources consulting, and any other position that allows employees to work directly alongside businesses.

First Semester

Management Processesr

Business Analysis

Human Resource Management

Business Communication

Leadership, Personal Finance

Second Semester

Processes and Operations

Business Automation


Inventory Management


Third Semester

Risk Management

Mutual Funds and Insurance

Legal aspects of Business

Policy Framing

E-mail marketing, Employee to Intrapreneur

Fourth Semester

Live Project (Minimum 4)

Employee Relation Management

Strategic management

Advance Finance

Wordpress, Web Development

MBA Course Benefits

Different MBA Formats are Available: Students gave the option of going for Distance MBA, Online MBA or even Part Time MBA course. Due to the high demand for MBA, colleges have introduced different kinds of MBA courses for people coming from different scenarios. Online MBA and Distance MBA are a boon for working individuals who cannot leave their work. Executive MBA helps individuals with high knowledge in a subject matter to gain managerial expertise.

Developing Managerial Skills: The syllabus of Master of Business Administration focuses on providing knowledge and case studies that help manage a firm or company. It includes accounts, financial management, leadership skills, marketing knowledge and much more.

Diversify your Career Prospects: There are various MBA Specializations that help students to focus on any particular segment of business management. Specializations in MBA courses include MBA Finance, MBA HR, MBA Marketing, MBA Business Analytics, MBA IT etc.

High Placement and Salary: According to reports almost every student gets a hike after doing an MBA course. Colleges provide placement opportunities to students where students get a chance to choose from their dream companies. The average MBA Salary ranges from INR 7,00,000 to INR 9,00,000 which may rise to INR 15,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 depending on the college.

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