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In today's workplace, computer hardware and networking are indispensable, elevating the demand for skilled professionals in these fields. The Faculty of IT & Computer Sciences introduces a comprehensive two-year Master of Computer Application program specializing in Computer Hardware and Networking, addressing the escalating need for proficient individuals. In this program, students delve into an extensive exploration of crucial skill sets required in the realm of hardware and networking. Simultaneously, it places a strong emphasis on Information Technology, recognizing its pivotal role in the contemporary landscape.

This program goes beyond the basics, offering an advanced knowledge base covering computer hardware essentials such as monitors, chips, processors, hard disk drives, and motherboards. Moving beyond hardware, it extends into networking intricacies, encompassing wireless and cable media. To ensure the practical application of acquired knowledge, the Faculty of IT & Computer Sciences boasts cutting-edge facilities dedicated to practical learning, research training, and development. These facilities play a pivotal role in molding students into adept professionals in the field.

As the scope of Information Technology continues to expand, the demand for skilled professionals in software and hardware companies, telecom, and IT companies worldwide has risen. The faculty is well-equipped with state-of-the-art research and experimentation facilities, including computer labs and a uniquely structured supercomputer facility, ensuring students are well-prepared for the evolving landscape of hardware and networking in the IT industry.

First Semester

Fundamentals of IT and Computer

Computer Architecture

Advance DBMS

Programming in C

Graphics Designing

Second Semester

Web Development

Advance Data Structures and Algorithms

Advanced Computer Networks

Programming in C++, Java

UI/UX Research and Designing

Third Semester

Analysis and Design of Algorithm

Advanced Web Programming

Business Analysis

Advance Python Programming

Hosting, Cloud Database System

Fourth Semester

Live Project (Minimum 4)

Digtal Marketing

Product Research

Leadership, Communication skills

Technical SEO, Low Cost Marketing Strategies

MCA Course Benefits

The MCA job sector is booming with 2,05,000 new job opportunities every year, and it has a steady growth of 7.7% every year.

MCA course candidates have unlimited job opportunities in a variety of industries/sectors as well as job roles.

After completing MCA course, candidates will get a quick placement with a minimum salary of a minimum INR 4 LPA.

Promising MCA course candidates can also expect to get hired by the world-best MNCs and IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., where they can expect a minimum salary of INR 13 LPA which will grow rapidly over time.

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