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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialization in Business Operations

Business Management and Entrepreneurial


Business analytics analyzes data to understand what a business should do to improve its bottom line. Aspirants can create valuable insights for a company or organization by developing mathematical models from the data and determining the best action. BBA in Business Analytics is a data-driven course that drives business decisions to keep them agile and competitive.

This three-year course is one of the most sought-after courses for business professionals. The curriculum emphasizes several areas of data administration and analysis. Students will be familiar with Big Data, visualization, and data mining. The BBA in Business Analytics degree prepares students for business analytics careers by providing technical and managerial understanding.

BBA in Business Analytics degree helps students to maximize their skill set and make wise decisions. It enhances the analytical and communication skills of the students as well as their knowledge of data analytics. This can help them land viable jobs. The skills acquired from the degree can help them start a successful business venture. They can become IT experts or work in the business sector as well. Businesses that use custom software may also need business analytics graduates.

First Semester

Fundamentals of Computer

Organisational Behaviour

Advanced MS-Excel

SPICE (Smart Presentation for Investors, customers and Employees)

Second Semester

Business Communication

Web Designing

Corporate Etiquettes

UI/UX Research and Designing

Third Semester

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Legal Frameworks

Taxations and benefits

Personal Finance

Fourth Semester

Fundamental Digital Marketing

Low Cost Marketing

Branding Strategies

Social Media Management and Marketing

Graphics Designing, Social Media Success Planning and Wordpress

BBA Course Benefits

Best Higher Education Options : BBA students have various postgraduate courses that provide the best returns like Master in Management, Master of Business Administration or Master in Business Management. Thus students find it easier to study these postgraduate courses which in turn provide the best placement packages that range between INR 5 – 30 LPA.

Good Placements : Companies are hiring BBA graduates as alternatives to high salaried MBA graduates. Although this is mainly prevalent in smaller companies many students of Bachelor of Business Administration are finding invaluable work experience from such opportunities.

Develops Business Decision Making : Students develop decision making abilities in business through analytical steps. Flexible, creative and critical thinking methods are helpful in any business.

IPM students do not need MBA Entrance Exams : Students who are studying BBA MBA Integrated at various IIMs do not need to sit for MBA Entrance Exams. They are offered MBA Admission after 3 year of BBA course.

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